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Wednesday, June 13 2012
Medicare covers thousands of dollars worth of medical expenses for Texas residents each year. In 2009, the average Medicare spending per enrollee in Texas was $11,479 as opposed to the national average of $10,365. Expenses for hospital care, clinical services, home health care, dental care, and durable medical products were higher than the national average, though expenses for prescription drugs, nursing home care, and other professional services were lower. While Medicare coverage is certainly an important part of handling your medical expenses, it leaves many gaps. This is where Medigap coverage comes in. Understanding Medigap insurance rates in Texas will help you choose the best plan.
There are ten different Medigap plans available to Texas residents. The Medigap insurance rates in Texas associated with these plans will vary based upon the provider. One may offer a very low deductible while another offers Medigap coverage at a much higher rate. When you're comparing coverage, there is one very important fact to understand. All Medigap insurance plans are created equal by law, well at least when it comes to benefits per lettered plan. Medigap Plan A coverage will be exactly the same no matter what provider you're working with. The only thing that changes is the amount you are paying for your plan. It's extremely important to compare several options to get the best deal.
Though all plans designated by the same letter will be the same, there are several different plans to explore, and each one is associated with different Medigap insurance rates in Texas. Plan A is the most basic choice. This option must be provided by all Medigap insurance providers. Plan B offers slightly more coverage with the addition of part A deducible coverage. Plan D includes basic coverage, Part A deductibles, skilled nursing coinsurance, and foreign travel emergency coverage. Plan C offers everything mentioned previously as well as coverage for Medicare Part B deductibles. Plan G offers everything in Plan D in addition to Part B excess coverage.
The most comprehensive Medigap coverage available is Plan F. This offers basic benefits as well as coverage for Part A and B deductibles, Part B excess expenses, skilled nursing coinsurance, and foreign travel emergencies. I like to call Plan F the convenience plan, because if Medicare approves the charge it conveniently picks up the rest of the charges.
Plans K and L offer basic benefits as well as partial coverage for Part A deductibles and skilled nursing coinsurance. Plans M and N cover basic benefits, Part A deductibles, skilled nursing coinsurance, and foreign travel emergencies. Once you've determined the plan that's best for you, compare various Medigap insurance rates in Texas to make sure you're getting the lowest price for your chosen coverage. A skilled Medigap agent can help. This is where we come in; give us a call at 1-866-849-5465 for your free, no-obligation Medigap insurance plan review.
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